My Burrow

As I’d predicted, the new post IS from the new place. We have shifted and settled here, and after a month of being here, things are finally running regularly. It’s a good building, good neighbourhood (with a huge ass garden) and everything is just right. But the best part is my room!

It’s the smallest in the entire apartment, but big enough for me. I have an easel on which I have put a canvas, and am currently working on a painting called The Royal Escape where a princess is escaping from her castle. I haven’t decided if there is a lover yet, whom she runs away with. My mum, of course, drew parallels and asked me if was going to follow suit :\ But I told her, I was happy in my snug little burrow and don’t plan to go anywhere! 😀

Then, I’ve a neat bookcase where all my novels have now found a new home! Classics on the lower shelf, contemporary on the upper, and so on. There are times when I just sit and stare at the row of books. Such warmth and pleasure I feel!

There is of course, the jhula, facing the window. I had it in my old place too, but it was in the hall. Now, it’s more of a personal thing. When I’m talking to people on the phone or reading, that’s where I sit. I can’t wait for it to rain, so that I may lean against the edge of the jhula and watch the water wash away moments for hours.

The home internet started working yesterday, so, the lappy (in my room, this too!) can be used to access social networks and blogs. The least required piece of furniture is the dressing table since I use the mirror only once or twice a day. But, oh well!

In all, I love my room!

More than the individual material comforts, I enjoy the space. I can read, write, paint, blog, or talk to friends in peace. Another complementary effect of this is that when I’m out of the room, with mum, we both enjoy this time together. It helps me realize the value of her time, and she realizes mine. The space issue we were having for the last few months is sorted.

Laslty, the best part about the room, is that when annoying relatives arrive, after a few minutes of polite, compulsory conversation, I can shut myself in the room and pretend to study! xD

I’m loving my new found freedom of being restricted in four walls of my own! Some ironic feeling, that!

The aforementioned room! Snug, isn’t it? ^_^ –


As Moving Day approaches..

Chaos, and then order from chaos can’t get better than this. We are moving to a new place, with one more bedroom, FOR ME! I FINALLY GET A ROOM!

But, anyway, coming back to the point, we have lived in the current apartment for eight years now, and obviously, some connections have been made. The current apartment is a snug little place, in a residential area near a creek. This means that I’ve had the most enjoyable walks, with friends and without. Some days, rain was my companion, some others, music.

The Sky displayed various colours depending on the season, and equipped with a camera phone, I loved clicking away and later tried to capture the enchanting skies on canvas. The environment I am going to miss also includes people.

The folks here are relaxed and unbothered about who does what, and yet they are there for you if you need them. Perfect in away. I have made friends with this Bhukkad who will be my ex-neighbour soon, Dearly Doted Abhishek, jiske ghar roz ka ana jana hai. I shall miss him dearly.  :’)

Now, to the more practical matters at hand. Moving is a pain in the ass! The Mum has got me running errands everyday, to buy random things for all the rooms. Thanks to all the bags I carry back from the market, I’ve built some rather flashy muscles.

Lastly, there is a lot to be thought about my new room. I get the smallest room, and I have to fit my painting accessories, easel and all, book case, study table, speakers, cupboard, bed and pet tortoises in it. Oh and the cane jhula too! But I won’t say it is unfair, at least I got a room, and it is enough for my needs, if adjustments are made.

There’s the mum calling again, undoubtedly to order me to buy a dustbin or something. Until later! Hope the next post will be from the new house! 🙂

P.s – this is a picture I clicked on one of those walks. For me, they resemble praying hands stretched skywards.