Being A Hopeful Romantic

If you were to hear the people around you, you would feel that hopeless is the only romantic you can be.

I, however, disagree.

Because, the hopeless, typical vision is cliched, and has been made so by commercialization. For example, if all you wanted was a birthday card from your boyfriend, why does it make you happier if he got it from Archies, rather than some other lesser known place? Or made it himself? Shouldn’t the message matter the most?

This is the kind of image of love that has been put forward by corporations for their own benefit. It’s so well engrained that girls tend to feel “if he spends more, he loves you more”.

Such kind of plastic expectations will always remain unfulfilled because there is no end to such expectations. Thus comes the “hopeless” into the picture.

Besides, I also feel that if the person cared enough for me, they would come up with original ways of expressing their feelings. And, if they care, but aren’t creative enough, I’ll get bored with them anyway. (I value creativity highly)

When I tell people that I do not read love stories (unless there is some other element like adventure) and do not like being gifted flowers, they assume I’m some hardened woman, with no feelings and an utter hatred for men and relationships.

The assumption is unfounded of course. I realize that no matter how versatile I be, life eventually sucks alone. I value good company. I have been blessed with like-minded friends. And here, I’lll flatter myself by saying I am a fairly good friend to them too. šŸ˜€

I also know the importance of a special person in life, a partner for the good and bad. But, I’d call myself a hopeful romantic. I will love that person, and give them enough space to coexist with me. I don’t expect us to celebrateĀ anniversariesĀ as if they were milestones on a road, but that we be happy with each other, and can do special stuff for each other, without limiting it to couple of days in a year.

I won’t expect superhuman things from that person. What is his fault, that he cares for me?

Everyone can make mistakes, and I will try my best to hear him out and not jump to conclusions. In this way, I feel, we can enjoy our time together.

Innumerable poems and paragraphs of prose have been written to cover the beauty of human relationships, and we still haven’t done enough. Therefore, there is no denying that human bonds are special. And for that sake, let us all not let money measure that for us. Let us all be hopeful romantics! šŸ˜€ Enough mushiness for now! Until the next post!