A writing hiatus that wasn’t.

Even at my busiest, I’ve updated this blog quite frequently. Sometimes, it has given what twitter never could, a free flowing monologue which I could aim towards well meaning audience.


However, before my last entry on women’s day and the one before on new year’s eve, there have been no posts.

The reason is not the lack of time, but rather the excess of writing.

I was freelancing with two content jobs, one data analysis job, and created quite a lot of content for my main job too.

At one point, I was churning out between 30 to 40 content articles a month. The best of my ideas were exhausted as paid writing.

I often blog about what I read, trying to simplify it so my readers could understand it with much less effort than it took me, but as my reading time reduced, so did the fodder for my personal blog.

However, I have decided to take it easy now, having given up all but one freelance, which is not very demanding. And I hope to amp up my reading too. If you do like what I write, I do similar stuff for my work blog. Do check it out. 


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