The serendipity of the last book of 2015

I work in a quiet (most times anyway) part of Dadar, and at the time that I walk down to office, not many shops are open. The raddi wala does open routinely at 8 though. Just like any other day, I was walking down to office from my bus stop, and glancing at the second-hand books for sale. I spotted Edward De Bono’s name and I have always wanted to read him. The book was titles ‘Future Positive: A Guide for the Energetic Eighties’. I wondered if it would be largely out of contect in 2015 (almost 2016), but on browsing, it seemed relevant, so I bought it. It cost me 30 bucks.

The last owner of the book and/or all the moths that had attacked it did not leave it in a great shape. Fixing the pages and designing the cover made it look more friendly, but I managed to spill some water on the felt-pen drawing:

The first few pages itself informed me that this book would answer a lot of my questions. It is a book about changing social structures by changing our thinking styles. A quote from the book:

Intelligence and thinking skills are different. The power of a car is different from the way it is driven.

Therefore, the author says that we have made great advances in our mass of knowledge and crystalized aspects like intelligence, but not so much in thinking skills.

As a psychologist and a mental health professional, I do feel that our socio-political reality impacts us greatly in our emotional lives, and there is no point in just treating the symptoms as that would be half measure.

What is it that we can do to change our thinking styles, leave out archaic ways of thought that had a different social context, and develop newer systems that solve our social and political problems?

I think this book will help me answer these questions, and I found it just in time!


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