Microscopic, Telescopic and Pedagogic.

It’s been a long time since i updated the blog. The reason for the absence is that I had nothing of consequence to tell, and unlike Kapil (of Comedy Nights fame), i do not believe in yapping away, just for the sake of it. So, then, what was I doing while I was away? I was looking. Looking at different things differently.

Our naked eye, as sensual as that sounds, kinda sorta lacks this very important layer of stuff – called perspective. That stuff needs to be built, often with trial and error. Microscopic viewing tells you about the little things happening around you, that you might not otherwise notice, unless you focus on it. Telescopic viewing will tell you of the things happening far away that you think have no impact on you, but you seen realize otherwise. But neither lenses will tell you if you are standing in the way of a speeding truck. You need your ears for that. You need to turn around. Also, run?

And learn. Don’t use your lenses in the middle of a highway where drunk drivers are going to be on a high.

It’s not only about changing lenses, but learning to use the one that’s most useful at one point. If you believe like I do, that there is no one reality, and its all a matter of mutual construction, then there is no question of right or wrong way of looking at things, just useful and helpful, or otherwise.

Certain events led me to believe that if I did not get surprised or shocked easily, that makes me cold and unemotional. I also believed that if I can’t give great hugs and tell people i feel affection for them, then i’m cold and inexpressive. But i realize that I could be just a more Zen person who takes things as they come. I also realize that I suck at saying but I win at doing. I make things for people. Cakes, bookmarks, paintings. I do them favors.

Had i not switched my lens, I would needlessly try to change a harmless trait.But at the same time, it has shown me the importance of reaching out. In my own way, I need to let people know I care. Why will they reciprocate otherwise?

And, as imperfect as I am, I do have strengths. I can beat myself up for other peoples’ strengths, but that is like wanting to have someone else’s blood type or something. I need to relax. Let Zen takeover. And get the hell out of the way of that truck.


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