Hope, the lizard on the wall, and other silly things.

I want you to imagine a snail. Yes, slicky thing with an oystershell on the back. Yeah. Imagine it moving. Does not happen very fast, does it? That, my friends, is also the pace of change.
And then, imagine this snail as having a rather lazy personality (that IS possible!). I guess Mr. Snail would be even slower now, because they are simply not motivated to move, yes?
THAT, is the pace of social and psychological change.
It’s all very amusing if all the contact you have with causing social or psychological change is getting the government to make international sports brands cheaper or only to the extent of you reading this blog (which is quite likely, because very few nutheads like me choose to work in this field).

But, if, by the divine occurences of chance and the mysterious ways in which our stars work (pretty, but long dead), if, you happen to be a social worker, a mental health professional, or pretty much anything in the array of social science related work, then the news and social media of each day are the source of major facepalming each morning. So much so, that I’m sure my face would have caved in by the time I’m old.

But more facepalming is elicited by these two-legged and two-handed beings that walk around, professing the existence of something between their ears, which, has probably shrunk due to under-utilization – oh yes, fellow beings, people, humans.

The extraordinary stupidity and silence on the part of others we share this planet with is so astounding, that you honestly wonder why they had to make harming others a crime.
And so, you think, ignorance is not a bliss. It’s a fucking high. You just don’t know shit that would make you as angry as Loki (though, not as hot though still).

And then, just as you’re huffing and puffing with anger and releasing bad vibes with the frequency with which our politicians release rape culture promoting comments, you look at something swishing from one end to another. A rather amusing sight. No, I’m not talking about the Hand of Time. That’s best left to Cosmos and Through the Wormhole.

I mean, a fluffy something. My cat’s tail. Actually, both my cats’ tails. There is this window in my sitting room, outside of which there roams a lizard. The daredevil. He comes this close to entering the house and then goes away. He mostly does it to tease the cats. There is no chance that my cats could reach for it. he is away, and fast. The fall outside the window rather steep.

Yet, each day they sit there, swish their tails in excitement as they see him, and often sleep in that watching pose, get up and start their vigil again. They even have lizard dreams. (Related – what is the content of a cat’s unconscious mind?)

But, as i often learn life lessons from my cats (don’t give a shit about haters, claw them),I learnt another – hope. They will probably never catch the lizard. But their excitement makes them try. And they like it. That should be it.

As it is, life is like going to party you were not invited to, or rather a class you go to just for your attendance. But somewhere in between you realize, I might as well participate if I’m here, for the heck of it. Because I’m not anywhere else. If life is just some mega time-pass, might as well go out shrieking happy like a hyena.

So, even though there are women claiming they don’t need feminism on social media (not realizing that this right to opinion comes through the feminist movement) and a chauvinist bigot fighting with me in the comments section of the page try to prove that there is no patriarchy in India (yeah, that. In his words ‘There is no the patriarchy exist in India’), I nod my head and remind myself of all the good things, like The Ugly Indian group cleaning up Bangalore and reclaiming public spaces. I still keep fighting with that guy in the comments section nonetheless.

So, yes, life has idiocy (like oversprinkled salt), but it also has cats. And hope. And both are quite synonymous really.



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