Signing in,to life.

Okay, so most of my posts tend to be philosophical. But that’s how I am, no, while the bus maybe jolting away to Deonar,or back home, I’m pretty much restructuring the social world I live in and getting amazed (and appalled at times) by the new things I come to know.

I’ve been anxious about many things lately. It took me a pretty good number of coffee cups and jolting in non-AC best buses, to realize that most of these are pertaining to the future.(If AC buses led to revelations, they wouldn’t charge us so much for the escape they provide).

Another revelation that kind of tallied along with that one like a pesky relative, was that all anxiety is about the future. For the past, its regret. I’m anxious because I don’t know how I will balance my domestic and professional duties, and whether along with that, the reading, the painting etc will happen. Marriage talk increases in the house as my brothers and I reach the golden period called marriageable age.Golden quite literally, looking at how decked up the bride is supposed to be. So much gold, it would put alibaba and the Dollar to shame.

With the Fc classes at tiss, you get a macro view of society and all the senseless Norma become less mystified. You come to know the economics and politics behind seemingly innocent traditions and practices. As enlightening as it is, it gets ugly. Now you know it’s fucked up, but can’t really lecture other adults or something else, that would change things. So, you’re already a rebel, and your college is now giving you a logic to back that stance. Awesome.

I also came to realize that in doing many things, I maybe compromising on the quality. I’m specializing in something, and the time for generalities is gone.
The one common thread through all these issues, is the fact that I want to run on power-saver mode always, stopping myself from.plunging fully into rthings. Whether it is aassignments, questioning social prevalence, or work life balance, I need to really start doing things. When I am doing a task, focus on that completely.

Multitasking is a stupid gimmick that our head isn’t made for, and like the latest fashion trend, it will die out soon.
The task is to let the smartphone do the multitaskikg, while I sign into life, completely.


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