Let your unconscious decide.

Quite often, we are hassling over decisions, when the solution seems to occur and we realize that it was ‘within’ us all this while. Only, we happened to clear the clutter so we can see things clearly. I don’t know who apart from Freud and other neo-Freudians would support me, but ever since reading this book called ‘Subliminal’ by Leonard Mlodinow, I am all the more convinced that our unconscious holds more answers than we are willing to give credit to it. Maybe we are reluctant to accept it because the mysteriousness scares us. Within ourselves is something deciding for us, and yet we are not aware of how or why.

If all that seems too much of a jargon, I’ll give a simple example, that I suggested as a tip to someone a few days ago. The person in question wanted to unclutter his PC desktop, and did not know what to delete and what not to. I suggested that he put everything in the recycle bin, and retrieve only what he felt the need of the most, in a couple of days. I know this is not so deep into the unconscious, but it helped him look through the layers of ‘this is a good app’ or ‘this reminder will be useful’, down to the things that he truly needs.

So why does this happen? What I think is, that we are bombarded with suggestions daily, in fact, every minute. So instead of adhering to things and habits that we need, we adhere to those we ‘think’ we need as well. The result? We end up having loads of acquaintances, but few friends; No time for exercise, but always one for a swig or a puff; no time to read blogs or other useful things on the net, but all the time in the world for Facebook/Twitter etc. I’m not saying that social networking or knowing people is bad, but we have forgotten our priorities.

What should be our primary concerns, tend to be the least ones, and therefore, is it a wonder that we always seem to be at odds with ourselves? Our inner selves are revolting for some time for themselves, some peace, some priority, and less clutter.

So, the next time you want to know whether you *really* like someone, or whether you should keep doing the current unsatisfactory job, let your unconscious decide. Try not to force this inner voice with what you ‘think’ should be the right choice or course. This voice will tell you the right answer, even though it may be hard to take sometimes.

With time, when you are one with this voice, you will be at peace. For atheists, the voice is the unconscious, the smarter self within our selves, that understands more than we do consciously. For Believers and agnostics, maybe it’s the universal under-current/God trying to guide us. Who knows?




5 thoughts on “Let your unconscious decide.

    • By letting it be. not bombarding it with the socially appropriate choices. How to let it be will be unique for each decision, like the example of uncluttered desktop, you may need to develop your own strategies. But say, you need to decide whether you want a person in your life or not. don’t talk to them for some time, or talk less, and once the influence of habit goes away, you’ll realize how much you need them.

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