God is a Fan too!

Anyone who stayed in Mumbai long enough has those friends who stand in the lines at Lalbaughcha Raja for 40 and 50 hours to touch the Ganpati idol’s feet. So do I. What dedication, I must say. But, I wish they had been smarter about it and become a celebrity first instead. Because, no matter how many commoners have been standing in the line for how many hours, if a celeb decided to get religious, the entire line get’s halted for half an hour or an hour at least. and these are the people who have been standing in the line for a day at least, with hardly any food, water, or visits to the washroom.

But of course, they are stupid! They should realize that God is also a fan of celebrities and prefers them over normal people. Because if not, why this preferential treatment? Because the celeb’s time is more valuable than the common man’s, did you say? Oh please, I’d rather Bipasha Basu stood in the line, than make Raaz 3. Who are we kidding? Only the so called ghost who got to touch her boobs was interested in the movie. All of us could have done without it’s posters scarring our eyes at each traffic signal.

So, ok, maybe we exclude the Filmy folks. Are there still people, say, like politicians, who should be given preferences as they have work to look after, and the important work of running the Government? I don’t think I agree. Just as much as the country needs them, families need their breadearners, who miss a productive day or two of works, thanks to all this mismanagement.

If you aren’t being made to hold your pee in a line, you are squashed to death in a stampede. Yes, I’m talking of the amarnath yatra. For a country where believing in God has such dire consequences, by God, we do have a *lot* of religious people, don’t we?

Forget believing in God, even being a woman has dire consequences. An ordinarily safe road becomes dangerous at night if a ganpati pandal has been put up nearby, thanks to all the drunk bhakts doing the rounds.

A woman can’t even safely walk in the lane she lives at. Unless of course, she is a celeb. Then, God is in full support.




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