When the belief is shaken.

No happy, inspirational insights, nothing to look forward to in this post. You may leave the page this very instant. Whatever I’m going to say next, is purely for my release. 

Last night, I came to know certain things about an individual who used to be important to me. We had drifted apart anyway, but this piece of information made me go back to the time I had known that person. For whatever I knew was false, and a farce. 

First i thought that i would have to change the way I look at every person I know, just because of this individual. But later, I realized that, I have to tackle things in such a way, that at times, I can trust whatever first impressions I got, and at times I can’t. And that emotion, when involved, blurs a normally alert mind. 

This is a greatly unsettling feeling because, we always make certain assumptions about the general  niceness of people. You know at the back of your mind, that there are all sorts of scheming, plotting, people who are exceptions to this.But you don’t expect someone you know (or thought you knew) very well to turn out to be a vile, cheap person. 

There is a great deal of mental and emotional discomfort that accompanies this realization, and your beliefs are shaken. You need to restructure. And its your formerly hopeful self that faintly gets you to anticipate that after the restructuring, you won’t be disappointed again. 

But you know it’s people you’re talking about, and nothing can be said for sure about them. 

And that’s the unrest that will stay for some time to come. 


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