No Pigeonholes, please.

I love music. No, I can’t sing well. And no, I don’t listen to all the songs of all the bands that I say I listen to. 

Yes, I listen to some Metal music, some Bollywood, and everything in between. I also think that most Pakistani music is soulful and/or vibrant and do not find it unpatriotic to do so. I was enchanted by the Pakistani Coke Studio, and don’t think the Indian version has matched up to it yet. At least, the first episode. I’m yet to see the second one.

I  like to watch football. There are two clubs i support. But I can’t abuse other human beings just because they don’t support my favourite clubs. After all, football is part of sports, which is part of entertainment. For me at least. I don’t get why people should viciously fight over which team won, when there are more pressing issues like crime and poverty to be concerned about. But, thats their take, so be it.

I write and sometimes read poetry. But, I’m not fond of love-stories, not the Mills and Boons kind. I’m open to anything realistic, but that seems rare. But that does not mean I do not believe in love. I’ve read many books, yet Harry Potter is one of my favourites. Maybe because I grew up with it. I don’t know. Yet, I don’t know the birthday of a single character.

I like Economics, but I love Psychology. I don’t yet have a clear idea what exactly I’ll do in life, career wise. But, whatever I choose to be, I will try my best and perform as well as I can. Just because I’m good at my job will not mean that I’m going to be a bad mother or wife.

I can talk to a lot of people. I like to talk only to a few, therefore, that’s what I do. I don’t see the point in pretending. I have realized that it makes me feel an emptiness, a depression that nothing can fill.  That does not mean that I absolutely hate, or think less of the people I don’t interact with much.

Even though I am a muslim, I believe I am more spiritual than religious. I do believe in God, but not in the rigidity associated with religion. Yet, I do observe some religious proceedings as I grew up with them, and they are a part of my cultural upbringing. Having said that, I’d still have to add that I absolutely believe in being rational and do not support honour killings.

To some people, these clarifications may seem absurd. But, I have come across folks who make such assumptions that have to be clarified to the dot. I have come to know quite early in life, that the movie like stereotypes do not exist, and I am fortunate to have such people as my friends who prove this fact over and over. Yet, there are people who somehow just have to compartmentalize people and put them in air tight pigeon-holes.

If, these days, even pigeons are not contained in pigeon-holes, and explore their limits freely, then why can’t we?


5 thoughts on “No Pigeonholes, please.

  1. 1st things 1st… till today i could never differentiate between spiritual & religious !!! having read your those 2 lines… suddenly i was like… its so damn clear !!! thanx !!

    having said that… amazing blog… though it can be seen as one being written as a way to release pent up frustration… nice nonetheless !!

  2. Seriously a very good article . Speaks a lot about your passion and things , but neatly underlines the concept which you are trying to communicate via your interests. I really loved the part which speaks about your willingness and selection of persons to talk. Enjoyed those lines which speaks about the general misconception among people. I am talking about this one
    // But that does not mean I do not believe in love//
    Am into literature these days which speaks a lot about free pigeons and stuff like that. I already started living that way. Happy to see a soul joining me in the first place. Welcome and Cheers!


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