On My feet

I belong to a conservative  family. So, small achievements regarding my freedom and independence bring me great joy. Here, is a little anecdote regarding my newly started part time work, of me finally being on my feet. 🙂

I had decided this summer, that before my Second Year B.A begins, I want to earn some money. But I knew that common options like working at MacD, or something of the kind wasn’t viable as my dad is extremely conservative, and strict. Last summer I wanted to join an NGO, but he didn’t approve of that either! I am not saying that he is a big bad villain, and I acknowledge the fact that since he grew up in a small town conservative muslim atmosphere, he is bound to be that way. But, I would appreciate it, if he saw the world around him and changed at least a bit. He is under the notion that I won’t work after college, but I am getting a degree, just in case. You know,so that, if all else failed, I would not have to depend on anyone for my livelihood. And I don’t want to tell him otherwise. Not now at least, as he is the one funding my education. 

With all this on my mind, I decided I would take up freelance writing. It was perfect for me. I liked to read, and write, therefore I had the requirements of the job. And also, it is a work from home position, which suited me extremely well. I tried to call some people working with newspapers, but that didn’t really work out. Then I decided to go The Google Way, the BAAP of all search options! 😀  I sent my Cv, resume to some 15 people and I instantly got replies from 3, out of which two positions suited me perfectly. I was extremely joyous the day I became permanent with these two employers. For some proofreading, and writing two articles per day, I will make around 6 grand! It might be a small amount, but it is the first ever salary I will earn on my own, and my joy knows no bounds.!! 😀

In fact, for the ten days of April, that I worked, I already have 2000 Rupees in my bank account. I was never into hoarding money. I have always believed that money is just a way to get what we want, and it itself would have no utility if it could not buy things for us. Why this minuscule amount of money makes me happy, is that it is my first ever baby step towards financial freedom and independence. My way to prove myself, make a point, make a statement.


Its as if my distant dream is finally realizing. Although I always insisted I would work, I was worried whether it would ever come true, what if Dad and the extended family forced me into a corner, or enforced upon me their opinion and views on what women should not do, and I ended up with nothing but some guy’s last name?

But I do not fear so any more. My journey of a thousand steps has begun. I have finally arrived!!


8 thoughts on “On My feet

  1. Nice blog.Its girlish yet matured.I wish you all the best and get on with your own life,be yourself,be a little selfish than go out of your way to help friends.I learned a lot from your blog and from you.You are a inspiring person and could be a icon for many

  2. Hi,
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    thanks again

  3. love the article… basically the topic & the way u’v dealt with it in real life is really cool… recognizing ur barriers & crossing them is not something which many ppl can do !!

    but ummm… if u dont mind me saying so…i guess blog shud be more of a narrative essay than a personal monologue…
    like.. instead of “i belong to a conservative…… ”
    you could start with… “coming from a conservative family there are many problems one faces…………”

    hope you understand what i’m sayin…

    all that aside…you earning… PARTY !!!!! 😉

  4. With all due respect, i don’t see why my blog can’t be personal. Its my blog, and about my thoughts ergo about me, so i think personal is better than narrative.

    Yeah, thanks 🙂

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