Not without my (unrelated) Brother!!

Sometimes, i just want to give him a nice hard kick. The times, when he isnt on time, or when he forgets something.

Something? I guess he forgets everything. Except his Chelsea match timings ofcourse!! 😐

For instance, i asked him to describe me, my personality, in turn for describing his. “Later” he said. (after receiving his own description of course.)

That Procrastinating Lazy Ass!

15 days later , i ask him again and he says, “Surely, in a while”

ANNNNDDDD…. I lose it! I use some typical swear words on him.

And then, he asks me to check out his blog. HE WRITES A WHOLE GODDAMN BLOG ABOUT ME! so much for the description!

And not only that, he posts a really pretty picture of me on facebook, that he took without my notice!

(Considering how lazy he is, THAT is serious work!! )

That is my Bhulakkad, bhukkad Bhai. (Forgetful, foodie brother) .

We aint blood related, and yet we share this great bond.  🙂

Anything and everything that I bake, has to have a share for him. Its an inevitable part of my baking life 😛

We fight over more or less everything, and it is tiring for other friends and fellows. Cuz we both are feirce individuals who just WONT GIVE UP!!

But, when two hours later, we are sharing our thoughts on how weird that Beiber chick is, people have to gape on, but not anymore. Everyone is used to our mutual mood swings now.


He aint the type you can do emotional chatter with. Coz on most such topics, all he can say is “hmm”. And for such a person, he can get surprisingly emo at times. {I mean A blog? Cmon, a BLOG on me???!!}

And, he never seems to stop surprising me…the minute i take him to be just another ungrateful friend, he does something to blow me off! something for his “sister-esque” friend, as he says. =)

That, is my cute, friendly, lazy, easily excited, metal head, photographer, ‘Paka mat’, borther-esque friend 🙂


And before he says his typical, “Paka mat, kitna kheechegi?”(how much will you stretch this) I end this post with a BIG thank you and a bigger “love you”  to my Bruzzer! XD





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