Of Ice Creams, and Cold Creams!

This morning on the way to Kurla, i suddenly realized something. I didn’t feel the need for my Shawl, or Jacket anymore. Winter had left Mumbai, after the short romantic fling with it. It was officially, bye bye winter, until next year etc etc…

But it was good when it lasted, right? just like a good romance.

Here is what came to my mind after an overview and a little reflection …


Doesn’t ice cream taste just amazing when its cold?? I love it! In summer its useless coz all of it is going to melt away anyways. i like the way it gives me shivers as i sit there and finish the remnants.(okay, not shivers, but some goosebumps definitely?)


somehow, music sounds better on cold nights. At least to me. Whether its earphones, head tilted, leaning on foggy window, or full blast volume on the pc. Specially bands like Coldplay, Goldspot and  Daughtry.


Although im not a fashion follower or anything, i just love the wintergear that people wear…it has such variety…especially guys, they look just adorable ! ;)

Cold Creams

I dont like to apply cold creams. They are all sticky and make me look like oiled bacon. But i have to apply it, as even smiling becomes difficult 😦


It gets dark so soon, you dont know when the day began and when it ended, its only five thirty and you have to rush home because you’ll “Be home before dark” !!


Although, winters are considered a very romantic term, somehow, if you feel lost in love, the cold ways of the weather could hurt you. The parched skin, an oily nose from last nights cold cream, tends to show up as you look for consolation in the mirror.

These are just some simple thoughts, as winter comes to an end. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Of Ice Creams, and Cold Creams!

  1. Ahem! Reporting on winter from Mumbai? 😛 And I thought Mumbai folk laugh at the sight of people wearing sweaters, shawls, etc.

    I had planned to write something on winter. Hope I manage to finish it before the onset of next winter. Will take some cues out of your post.

    PS: Font colour [Clothes, cold cream] needs a re-look. Black fonts aren’t visible on a brown background. 🙂

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