If I were an Indian Television Producer (Or if I headed Balaji Telefilms)

Are you one of those who despise..no wait …HATE the way indian soaps are now-a-days??

So am I. It can really shock one that the country which used to have soaps like Buniyaad and Shanti, could have degraded so much.      And this is the face behind it all. Or at least most of it. There was a time when we had insightful, intelligent soaps that we could connect with. The kind, that if they aired only on weekends, people (including men and children) waited with great enthusiasms to watchthen. There are many examples of such shows, apart from Buniyaad, and Shanti, there were Just Mohabbat, Hip Hip Hurray, Rishtey, Family no.1 etc. Not only could people connect with them due to their having a base in reality (unlike todays soaps, which are based in a world where women sleep with full makeup and jewellery)  but also beacuse the direction , acting, screenplay, and dialogues were good.

But , gone our the days. Now our soaps are sexist, drab, draggy, and boring. Not to mention foolish and unrealistic.

I mean WTF is wrong with these people? the producers and the viewers???!!!

Our shows show how having no regard for women is completely macho, how women’s ultimate aim should be to become a house wife, how one shouldn’t give a hoot about what we are promoting (referring to Balika Vadhu, which was against child marriage, and ended up promoting it.)   It has taken Indian Feminism back by a hundred years. There was apparently this competition also, on the line of such k-soaps and saas bahu soaps, called the Perfect Bride. WTF, seriously WHAT THE FFFFF!!!!!!


So, finally, after much criticism, here are some tips, i would follow if i were a Television Producer :

  • Be realistic. Think young and in tune with the current public mindset.
  • Please DO NOT give 20 year leaps. they are a fail idea.
  • Dont make crime related shows if you can’t.
  • Please stop plagiarizing.
  • Look for talented new ‘actors’ and not just talented faces.
  • Make more women centered shows that dont portray them as sickly-sweet-happy-to-be-houswife types.
  • Please get real with the Romantic Angle. Armaan ? come On!
  • Address more issues, than sticking to the girl goes grand theme.

Producers could take some cues from the recent Yash Raj shows on Sony, like Powder, Rishtaa.com etc, that were realistic, short and much better. Another great example would be Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai if they were going for humorous.


5 thoughts on “If I were an Indian Television Producer (Or if I headed Balaji Telefilms)

  1. too serious honey.. relax… i mean.. get your emotions out… totally ok wid that.. but u don have to be so strict about ur writing na.. hope u get wat i mean !! 🙂

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