A helping Hand?

Hi all..!
This is my first blog and I’m very excited..! I have my vacations now and so will have the time to share my experiences so frequently.. 🙂
Well, as I said , I’m having vacations. But my friends , those who are doing Engineering, are not. As everyone knows, they are over burdened. And have to slog all the time. So, when Abhishek, a really good friend asked me to help with some journal writing, I agreed . Later on, I agreed to do this for one more friend.

Now, I’ve always liked to help people and so I think I wasn’t wrong in helping them, although it is something that they should have done. A few people said that I was doing something rather silly and I shouldn’t have. Now they’ll be dependent on me. It was “their work” and the whole point is lost if I do it for them. I wonder if there was any point in the first place in making students do the work of copying machines? After all they are just copy-pasting a xerox with their name on the front and calling it a “journal”.
So, if the system itself is faulty, I did the right thing by saving their time, right?

Please let me know your thoughts on this..!
Thanks 🙂

Study Time?


6 thoughts on “A helping Hand?

  1. Yup, you did the right thing..!! Have you heard about Shri Ram College, Delhi. I’ve heard students there carry laptops to classrooms and no books..!! So no need of copy-pasting. Their entire syllabus is in the laptop..!! Cool, isn’t it?? 😀

  2. That is pretty cool! ..but a friend of mine says that her sister is doing well in engineering as she does her work on her own…that helps her remember and memorize stuff… so..

  3. hey sis,

    blogging is fun isnt it.. it takes a lot off ur chest doesnt it, knowing that ur sharing and that someone somewhere is listening to you.

    I had my own blog too and it was fun creating it.. back in my orkutting days.. but later on i got too lazy to update it and now i dont even know which website i had created it on!

    so keep goin sis.. its a good habit, will help sharpen ur writing skills.

    p.s: i dint know abhishek was a girls name :p keep going WHiz WOman

  4. No it isn’t .Abhishek be my rakhi brother, who gave me a really cute rakhi gift this year XD ! . Along with Srithi’s i completed his as well. And I thought as they both are in the same college, I wouldn’t have to face the hassle of giving em back the notes seperately 🙂

  5. Neat Presentation. Well done. Btw am an Engineer and trust me I had never done anything on my own during my college days. Yes my Engineering thing was a cake walk xD

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